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Bulk Candy, Sweet Treats, and Confection Making Supplies

Whether you desire ready-made candy or chocolates there's more to be found than candy here. We have over 150 varieties of bulk candy. Whether your choice is a modern favorite or a selection from your childhood we have it here. Choc-Oh! Lot Plus also has over 98 varieties of chocolate. With an extensive selection of candy and chocolates to choose from you are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Choose from an array of pretzels dipped in chocolate, Oreo®, M&Ms®, and toffee toppings. Large selections of chocolate truffles are also available. With jars of gummy bears, Swedish Fish®, Mary Janes®, and much more, you can always find your favorite candy at Choc-Oh! Lot Plus.

We are also a source for supplies to make and decorate cakes, cookies, brownies and cupcakes. We carry a large selection of metal cake molds, cookie sheets, gourmet cake mixes, and decorating supplies. Learn a new, fun skill at Choc-Oh! Lot Plus in Brooklyn, New York.

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Chocolate Molds | Choc-Oh! Lot Plus | Brooklyn NY
Chocolate molds, variety of shapes and sizes,
Cookie Decorating | Choc-Oh! Lot Plus |
cake decorating, baking tips, and themed classes.
Bulk & Candy | Choc-Oh! Lot Plus | Brooklyn NY
Traditional candy, gourmet candy, and cookies.
150 Varieties
Bulk Candy
Confectionary Decorating Classes
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