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We are a premier source in the community for Wilton-method cake decorating supplies. We have a huge inventory of cake, cookie, brownie, and cupcake baking and decorating materials. Learn to decorate your own sweets at one of our cake, cookie, or cupcake decorating classes. Our vast inventory includes,

-over 2,000 chocolate molds
-every variety and color of sanding sugar you can imagine
-candy sprinkles in every shape and color
-98 varieties of chocolate
-150 varieties of bulk candy
-metal cake molds
-cookie sheets
-gourmet cake mixes and more!
Confection Decorating Supplies | Choc-Oh! Lot Plus | Booklyn NY

Treats For Special Occasions

Need a special gift for your Baby or Bridal Shower? No problem! Choc-Oh! Lot Plus can create custom chocolate lollipops in any mold of your choosing for your guests or bridal party. Custom lollipops also make great party favors for kid's birthday parties.

You can also create your own custom M&Ms, and make your own chocolate shapes with our special molds. Have questions or need help, give us a call at 718-748-2100 or come by our shop at 7911 5th Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11209.

Confection Decorating Classes

The Wilton® Method Decorating Basics Course One is the perfect place to start your cake decorating hobby! Your instructor will show you step by step the proper way to decorate a cake, cookie or cupcake so that you experience this exciting activity and learn the craft successfully. You will receive tips on how to bake your selection, how to make colored icing, and the best techniques for icing your finished product.

Learn and practice the fundamentals of decorating so that you can approach each technique the proper way with outstanding results. This comprehensive class will teach you to create drop flowers, rosettes, shells, pompom flowers, leaves, shaggy mums, and ribbon roses with icing. In addition to cakes, you will decorate cookies and cupcakes.

Not only will you learn how easy it is to create the perfect dessert for any occasion, but you will also share the fun with other students just like you! Group classes enable students to encourage each other along the way, making for great results and tremendous learning potential.
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